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Cost of Living in London

The cost of living in London will form a big part of the relocation process. It doesn’t matter whether you’re being transferred through work, studying in London or have just decided to make the city your home, the true cost of living in London needs to be quantified...

Living in London – Cost of Living

You are now living in London and are still working out how to use pounds instead dollars when ordering a Big Mac and wondering whether it’s cheaper here or in the US. London is not a cheap city in contrast and living there you will realise that your biggest expenditure is your new London apartment.

Food prices vary depending on where you buy for example a week’s groceries will cost you about £40. A MacDonald’s meal is around £4; a restaurant meal could cost you £15+ and a pub lunch £8-15. The same goes for drinks and entertainment where a pint at the pub can cost you around £3.50 and buying at the off-licence at six pack of lager you could spend between £5-£6; supermarket wine goes for about £6. So it’s best to consider your options on where to buy when doing your shopping.

Relocation to London – What Is a Flat And Why Is It So Expensive?

Your relocation to London will involve, for the most part, choosing a new home after discussions with your London relocation agents. You need to give them all of your requirements as well as information about where you will be working and how far you are prepared to travel each day.

Americans moving to London are often shocked at the prices of rental apartments and it can be horrifying to realize that your increased salary will all be spent on accommodation. If you are in the early stages of negotiating your relocation jobs package then it might help to have a good idea of what the true cost of living will be after your relocation to London.