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London Neighborhoods – Islington

As Americans moving to London begin the search for London neighborhoods for themselves, or their family, there are several factors that should be considered, only one of which is location. Depending on the location of one’s employment and any schools children may attend choosing from the many ideal London neighborhoods changes. One neighborhood that is a favorite among all of the London neighborhoods and should be looked into is Islington.

Learning to Use Public Transportation after Moving to London from America

Many people moving to London from America decide to use public transportation instead of either bringing or buying a vehicle. This choice is highly recommended as it is actually quicker and easier to move about the city via the Tube or bus. For longer or more emergent trips a cab can easily be found. While many moving to London from America may be used to public transportation a large chunk of the US hardly relies on it at all. For them, a breakdown of London’s transportation system is described below.

How to Move to London during a Bad Economy

For many Americans moving to London there is no choice in the matter – they simply must go due to a corporate relocation. They wonder, though, how to move to London when both the US and British economies are so weak. While it may be difficult it is not impossible. By arming oneself with the right knowledge the move to London can be done with as little financial output as possible. Once in London a family can actually live quite well while pinching pennies.

Making Sense of a Tube Map of London Neighborhoods

Shortly after confirming an international relocation families often buy a map of London neighborhoods to help prepare for the upcoming move. While that can never hurt it is best to truly understand what the map says and how to use it best once the plane lands and a family is left to fend for themselves in a new country. One of the most useful maps a family can get is a Tube map of London neighborhoods.

Relocation to London – Is The American School Right for Your Family?

After moving to London parents often worry about their children’s adjustment both socially and emotionally. One option for easing the transition is to enroll them in an American school. The American School, located in the St. John’s Wood neighborhood in London, is a school devoted to teaching Americans using American curriculum.