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Relocation to London – Preparing for Winter Weather

Americans are usually pleasantly surprised to discover that although British summers are mild (much like the Northeast United States) the winters are not full of snow and ice. In fact English winters are very mild in comparison to much of the states’ and rarely does it snow. With temperatures mild all winter Americans moving to London can leave their parkas and snow pants at home.

Relocation UK – Finding Rhyme and Reason to the London Summer Season!

Greetings from your guest blogger! Now, I have a confession to make. I am a through and through Brit; I grew up here, was born in Oxfordshire, spent my youth as a young and fairly outdoorsy child playing outside most of the time despite the British weather—my parents being of the opinion that a little rain wouldn’t hurt and if we were cold to “put on a jumper…” Now I know that a lot of you are probably still trying to figure out the British weather (four seasons in one day), but I beg you, throw caution to the wind/sun/snow/hail and just get outside and enjoy some quintessential English moments!