Moving to London – Teapots and Tall Ships, Nappies and Naan

What could I possibly be talking about in that title, and what on earth could it have to do with a relocation to London? Well, live in London long enough and the friends you make here will start having babies. And while many expats tend to settle in west and north London, familiarity with the city may open their minds to moving eastward where you get more bang for your buck. So then, to finally tie all this together, my Saturday afternoon and evening were spent enjoying some delights of east London.

Relocation to London – Weekend Wonders

Your relocation to London cannot always be about the paperwork and stresses of how to get your furniture moved. You have to relax and have some fun. The best way to ensure that you hit London and enjoy settling in to the city is to make sure that all of your planning is done before you arrive.

Many people choose to use one of the professional London relocation agents to help them with every aspect of their move. Finding accommodation in London can be the most stressful part of moving to London. Letting someone else handle the hassle is a great of being able to enjoy the city when you arrive.

Living in London – See The City On The Water

You are living in London and by now, you have realised that there are as many things to do as days in the year. Getting to know London is a lifelong experience and is a fascinating journey into history, art and cultural magnificence. London has a variety of parks, historical monuments and cruises available.

Living in London – City Area Guide Part II

If you are contemplating relocating to London for work, then now is the time to start looking at the different suburbs and area in London that you might want to live in. Finding a home in London is not as easy as it seems, and you might be wise to consult with one of the excellent relocation agents who will help you find the perfect apartment or house in a suburb that suits you. Each suburb in London has its own pros and cons, and each one has its own personality. You just need to take a look at what you require in a suburb and you can then start looking for possible rental homes for the duration of your stay. Of course, you will only be able to properly assess each area once you are on the ground. Take a walk through the suburb and see if it lives up to your expectations before renting a home.