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Relocation to London – For You…

Writing a blog about moving to London is easy. Writing a blog about moving to London that is useful and readable is a little more of a challenge. Just this week, we received a comment from a reader of the London Relocation Services blog who asked for more specific information about recruitment in London for accompanying spouses. What was originally intended as a general post about the challenges facing partners and relocation to London, turned into an in depth, useful series of blogs on the subject of relocation jobs.

Relocation to London: What Should I Bring From My Country?

No doubt in your planning of your relocation to London your mind is full of questions as to what you should get in your home country that may or may not be available in London. As you know the dollar is weak against that of the GBP sterling, so in fact there are a few things that you really want to consider bringing with you before your international relocation is permanent and you’ll be relying on others “back home”, to send you what it is you crave. Now I’m not speaking right now of food stuff’s for certainly there are American and Canadian brand food items that you CAN buy in England, albeit they are FAR more expensive, but that is a common thing.

Living in London, the London Pass Series : Winston Churchill's War Room

Churchill was Prime Minister of England not once, but twice, first in 1940-1945, during the second world war, and again in 1951-1955. The instant thought that comes to mind for most people is his victorious efforts in World War II, and his famous orations and speeches. Yet there is so much more to Churchill than just his status as Prime Minister and world leader. Did you know that Churchill was an officer in the British Army, an accomplished historian, a writer, and an artist. Until this day Winston Churchill is the only Prime Minister to have won the Nobel Peace Prize for literature.

Churchill was the first person to be made an honarary citizen of the United States, (for all you Americans moving to London). There is so much most people don’t know about this incredibly historic figure, and when your living in London after your London relocation is the best time to find out more. The Churchill War Room chronicals the most famous of all Brits and lays out the 60 years of political service he performed.

Relocation to London: What You Must Do for Yourself When You Arrive

Sure gearing up for your international relocation telling everyone you know and meet that your moving to London is an absolute thrill. (Partially because they aren’t aware of the stress that can be involved moving across the globe.) But yes, it is a chance to take a bow, even if you are not the one with the new job in London, or the one going to school here, you are “living the dream”. Nothing is quite as romantic and picking up with your significant other, leaving all you know behind and diving into the absolutely exciting “unknown”. Sounds romantic no? Well it is in a sense, but that doesn’t mean that there will never be a time when you are blue for the Red White and Blue, or the Maple Leaf of home. Every rainbow needs it to rain first, no pun to today’s earlier post intended.