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Relocation to London: What Should I Bring From My Country?

No doubt in your planning of your relocation to London your mind is full of questions as to what you should get in your home country that may or may not be available in London. As you know the dollar is weak against that of the GBP sterling, so in fact there are a few things that you really want to consider bringing with you before your international relocation is permanent and you’ll be relying on others “back home”, to send you what it is you crave. Now I’m not speaking right now of food stuff’s for certainly there are American and Canadian brand food items that you CAN buy in England, albeit they are FAR more expensive, but that is a common thing.

Living in London: You've Just Arrived…..

Imagine you’ve just arrived for your relocation to London and you’re ready to start your life’s new chapter. While you may believe it could be difficult living in London without having anyone to call or get together with that you know, but you find yourself surprised. As everyone you meet here in London isn’t from London but is from another country. Won’t matter if you are a Canadian moving to London, or an American moving to London, you suddenly see that you are like everyone else, from someplace else.

Relocation to London: Preparing Your Kids For Living Abroad-Part One

Relocation to London is no doubt an exciting adventure to couples moving to London, but what about the couples with children? Children are told only after their parents have fully committed to moving to London, they really have no say in the matter. If your children are pre-school age this obviously is not a problem, but what about older children. While kids between the six and ten generally form attachments at school, in their neighborhood, or with sports team members, these children are more likely to land on their feet and adapt well once they attend school and make new friends. If you’re an American moving to London, or a Canadian moving to London there are so many neighborhoods that are primarily expat inhabited that children this age may not even need to wait to meet fellow expat kids at school.

Relocation to London: Living Overseas -Part 1

If your in the midst of planning a relocation to London than there are some matters you will want to familiarize yourself with pertaining to international relocation. If your an American moving to London, or a Canadian moving to London and you are using a professional London relocation services company, much of this investigation will be done for you. Still it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the requirements. Any persons entering the United Kingdom are subject to the immigration rules of the relocation UK. You can always go to source sites like the British Embassy, British Consulate, or the British High Commission.

Relocation UK: Power to the People

One thing that many Americans moving to London, or Canadians moving to London fail to think about is their personal appliances. When relocation UK is on the agenda for you and you have so many incredibly small details to think of, (which is why it’s key to use a London relocation agent, to help with the multitude of details) one is key to remember, electricity. In Canada and back home in the United States, when you plug in an appliance the wall outlet you choose is, as industry standard, 120 volts through any wall plug or socket. Relocation UK will soon show you differently when living in London. Any outlet you plug an appliance into there will immediately receive 240 volts, which will fry out any appliance you bring from across the pond.