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Relocation to London – Some Quintessential London Shopping Ideas

Ever since moving to London from the US three years ago, Facebook has been as essential connection to friends and family back home. It has even reunited me with people of the past I would’ve never seen otherwise simply because it made them aware I now live in London, and London is a hub of business and pleasure travel that seems to bring everyone here at some point (see my post, “This is Your London Life” to see what I mean). In any case, I just received a Facebook message from a high school friend informing me that her husband is in London on business this week. She wanted my advice on any London “must haves” that he could bring back for her—aside from the usual tea and biscuits, she’s thinking fashion accessories. Well, tastes can vary, and I’m admittedly not expert enough to exhaust quintessential London items, but from my brief expat experience, here’s what I suggested beyond the usual souvenir stores… [read more]