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Relocation UK – The Time Traveler's Strife

Did you know that moving to London will also give you the power to travel through time? If you’re already an avid traveler across time zones, you surely know, but if your relocation to London will be the furthest you’ve ever flown so far, you’re in for a real treat: jet lag.

It’s not just about being tired from sitting in a cramped seat on a plane and going through the aggravating motions through security and immigration. It’s the time-zone factor that puts the “lag” in jet lag as your body lags behind in time or is forced to jump ahead. Regardless of your mental awareness of daylight and evening hours once arrived at your destination, your body is internally set to a different clock that impacts your sleeping and eating patterns. It’s a disturbance to your physical system that will also affect you mentally (and emotionally if you get cranky as all get-out like me)…

Edward VI: London Leaders

Last week I finished a 3-part series on King Henry VIII. Today, we’ll meet his only son and male heir, Edward VI.

As we learned a couple weeks ago, Edward VI is born to Jane Seymour, one of the wives Henry VIII actually seems to care for. Sadly, she does not survive her son’s birth, but she does bring her husband great happiness in finally delivering a male heir to carry on the House of Tudor’s royal line. Edward is only nine years old when he becomes King of England in 1547, and he is rather sickly in body though strong in mind and faith.