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Americans Moving to London – Crown Envy

Americans moving to London this summer, you won’t be double-checking to make sure you’ve arrived in the right place. With every street strung up with Union Jack and Queen Elizabeth II flags, British is officially in bloom. There’s no question that the Diamond Jubilee and 2012 Olympics combo this summer has officially stirred up the national pride and brought on an onslaught of tourists. And admit it—we Americans are salivating over every bit of it. Many Yankees are visiting the UK for the festivities, but Americans moving to London are entreching themselves directly in the cultural traditions of England. After a while, it becomes a part your life, too, a part of your pride.

Americans Moving To London Checklist

Thousands of Americans moving to London will require some kind of checklist, so that it is easier to plan for the big day. Whether you are planning to relocate in eight weeks, four weeks, one week or less, you will need to begin organizing yourself. Things can get pretty hectic once you arrive in your new place of residence. From getting a new job to arranging childcare or education for your children, you will need to use your time well. For Americans moving to London to effectively preserve some time before heading off to the United Kingdom, a number of things should be concentrated on with a checklist.