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London Relocation – Proud of Our Team!

As you do your research on London Relocation (and perhaps whether you think one is necessary for your international move or not), whatever Google search or referral that has brought you right here, right now has most assuredly led you to just the right place. 🙂 Pardon...

Where to Find Thanksgiving in London in 2012

Howdy there, Pilgrims! It’s time for another round-up of Thanksgiving dinners in London if you’re making an international relocation to London from the US in time for the holiday.

I’ve blogged before about how I, as a fellow American expat living in London, have been able to find the traditional fixin’s for a Thanksgiving meal (like Stove Top stuffing and pumpkin pie) at the South Kensington Partridges in London (there’s another in Chelsea on the King’s Road, and the American Food Store is alternative located in Holland Park). That helped me out with… [read more]

Living in London – As English as…

One of the things most people struggle with when moving to London is adapting to day to day living. When you’re moving to London, you must try to push that concern to one side so that your enthusiasm for the big move isn’t dampened by your anxiety for how it could fail. I think what really helps to ease the transition is discovering something that you like about your new home. It really isn’t that hard (unless you’re determined not to find anything you’ll like).

Living in London – You’re English now!

There are so many English traditions that are worth experiencing when you’re moving to London. From quaint affectations and mannerisms, to a completely different way of eating; delving into English traditions is going to be one of the more fun aspects of settling into your new London rental and life in London.