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Thanksgiving with London Relocation

As Christmas draws nearer, there is time for one more holiday, thanksgiving, as
celebrated by London Relocation. Nestled away in Westbourne Grove, we stepped into
the ever-glamorous 202 Café.

Upstairs the party was in full swing, and waiters cut in and out of a jubilant
crowd, pouring generously as they went. Meanwhile downstairs the MD was taking
feedback from his clients, through the trusted medium of video. Surrounded by
striking photography, and a room bustling with guests, I am introduced to the owners
of this exciting, useful and disruptive business.

If you haven’t heard of London Relocation, welcome to a new world, one where you are
the buyer, and one where the agent is on your side.

Consider this, you are new to London, you are looking to rent a flat, you have a
list of specific requirements, and you are not sure where to start. You would be
forgiven for knocking on the door of 10 estate agents, hoping that each, over the
course of a few weeks, will find you 1 to 2 relevant properties. The estate agent,
then working on behalf of the landlord, looks to secure them the best possible
price, and your rent increases.

London Relocation work on behalf of the tenant, not the landlord. They source
properties from multiple locations, and once they have enough to show you, they give
you the option of seeing all the properties in one go. They then negotiate you the
best possible price.

You’ll be pleased to hear London Relocation isn’t just for the rich and famous, and
they regularly place students. For such reasons, if you know London, then you should
know London Relocation.

As the evening went on, guest spilled out onto the street and embraced the crisp
air. The final partiers said their goodbyes, and as I wandered down the cobbled
streets, I looked up at the majestic houses and thought how much easier my next move
will be.’

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