These days, mainstream Indian movies have penetrated, not just the whole of India, but also other parts of the world as well, and watched by people of different nationalities. For one, it is easy to tell that these Indian movies are really worth watching, talking about the general movies, not the ones which are highly controlled because of their ratings. Because of the imminent success of these movies, the term Bollywood has been successfully given to the movie industry of India.


Common Characteristics

Even though it may sound funny, a regular Bollywood movie plot typically includes a Hero, his partner, as well as a tree. The story starts with several events, and at times presenting several flashbacks about previous events. The boy then falls for the girl, the girl plays hard to get, and then the boy persists with his love, jeopardizing his job, sleep, which will eventually upset the family.

After seeing the efforts of the boy, the girl starts to fall in love with the boy. Then, in between takes, they would sing and dance around a tree in different locations. Since it is a Bollywood movie that we are talking about, expect several costume changes, say around 7 times. Most likely, they would dance together with a random crowd that magically shows up when it is time to dance, and disperses when the showdown is completed.


The Villains

There will always be villains who would attempt to stop the relationship. The villains would come in the person of a brother, the father of the woman, an ex-boyfriend, an uncle, a very angry mother, a son of the girl’s father’s business partner who also wants to marry the girl, or simply a random guy. For variation, an extra mob may appear in the picture. This would then involve several fight scenes where the hero miraculously appears to save the girl. Typical it is.

These Bollywood movies are now available either for download, or for streaming online. If you are fond of watching these types of movies, it is best to read reviews first, just like reading online casino reviews before you play online entertainment games. Doing so will allow you to read the feedback of other viewers, and see whether it fits your preference.


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