5 of the Best Boutique Hotels in the City

We love London. Who wouldn’t? Its low-skyline, awesome public transportation system, and bucolic parks (don’t worry it isn’t always raining) makes it one of the world’s most liveable cities. That said, when you’re flying into London and trying to find a flat as quickly as possible (especially from a far-off place like America or Australia), the magic of the city might be lost on you during your time consuming, and often time limited London apartment search.

Your London Apartment Search – Don’t Try it Jet Lagged!

Don’t fret! Even if you are groggy, London Relocation will make sure that you sign a lease for a flat in London that you love! As for the inevitable drag of jet lag, we believe the best way to beat it is with a stay at one of London’s best boutique hotels!

The hotels that made our list will enchant, renew and excite you. Here are five of the best places to catch up on your post-travel ZZZZ’s.

Number Sixteen

16 Sumner Place


This hotel is definitely the most peaceful in London. If a more hushed, heavenly hotel exists, we haven’t found it! It’s located on a mellow, residential street in one of the most pristine, affluent areas of the city. Within walking distance are fabulous shops, restaurants and bars. Number Sixteen might just be our favorite hotel on our list. Its intimacy, outstanding customer service, gorgeous garden, and chic interior make it almost unbeatable.

The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone

28-30 Seymour Street

This twenty-one room, contemporary classic hotel possesses all of the same intimacy as the first hotel on our list. But unlike our first hotel, The Zetter Townhouse boasts a more-lively atmosphere. They describe their incredible cocktail lounge as “a sumptuous and intriguing place, feeling more like the private residence of a most beloved and eccentric Great Aunt- we call her Wilhelmia.” Intrigued? So were we!

Ham Yard Hotel

1 Ham Yard, London, England

ham yard hotel

The Ham Yard is a destination for local Londoners and out-of-towners alike, so at this hotel, the party comes to you. At ninety-six rooms this hotel lacks the coziness of the previous two hotels on our list, but don’t be fooled, the Ham Yard is nonetheless enchanting. Kit Kemp designed the hotel and it is full of charm-from its cinema seats to its bathrooms, the Ham Yard is perfect and playful.

The Beaumont Hotel

8 Balderton Street, Brown Hart Gardens

This Art Deco Hotel, inspired by the New York Twenties, is incredibly glamorous. The rooms at the Beaumont aren’t as decadently designed as the first three hotels on our list. However, at this hotel, that is a non-issue because the Beaumont’s bar and restaurant are by far the best (and sexiest!) on our list. Foodies and cocktail-lovers rejoice! Londoners have applauded both the Colony Grill Room and the American Bar, and so will you!

No. 5 Maddox Street

5 Maddox Street, London, England
West End

5-maddox-londonPrepare for some rest and relaxation because this beautiful, tiny hotel is seriously sleepy (it doesn’t even have a bar!). Finding fun on your own won’t be too hard, however, because No.5 is in close proximity to London’s trendiest, most-happening nightlife spots. But what we love most about this hotel is not its location but its unconventional set up, which might make it the truest ’boutique’ hotel on our list. Their twelve-rooms aren’t even rooms but fabulous, contemporary studios, equipped with full kitchens. A true home-away-from-home, the staff fully stocks your fridge before you arrive! A perfect pad from which to launch your London apartment search.

Sweet Dreams and Safe Travels London Lovelies!

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