Many families moving to London from US ask where they can find the best, most informational, map of London neighborhoods.  Understandably, a family is looking for very specific items within such a map – far beyond the best night clubs in Soho or where the Beatles used to take tea. While the best resource for neighborhood information will be through a London relocation agent or relocation services, there are many an online map of neighborhoods that should provide families not yet ready to move an idea of where to begin their search.

While there is no definitive map of London neighborhoods in regards to the best places to live, there are several online interactive maps of London including descriptions of neighborhoods.

Map of London NeighborhoodsNile Guide

This website is not aimed at the American expat looking for a new home but it does do a good job describing all the various neighborhoods.  Armed with that knowledge American families can get a general feel for their future hometown and, if nothing else, eliminate neighborhoods they know in which they absolutely do not want to live.

Map of London NeighborhoodsFrommers

Aimed at the tourist Frommers is one of the leading travel guides.  Their interactive maps are available online and broken down into specific categories by districts and neighborhoods.  Once again, this is not the best way to locate the neighborhood best for one’s family but it does help families preparing for an international relocation learn their way around the neighborhoods.

Map of London NeighborhoodsZoopla

Zoopla is a real estate website similar to in the States.  Many Americans moving here will not be purchasing a home but Zoopla can still be useful.  By determining the amount of house one can afford based upon budgeted rent, they can then search Zoopla and find homes in which they would be interested within their price range and by doing so discover which neighborhoods are reasonable for their budget.

Finding a home in a new country, in a major city nonetheless, is a difficult and often times overwhelming chore.  Most families moving here from America like to have an idea of what will be available before traveling across the big pond.  Exploring an interactive map of neighborhoods is a great way to get to know one’s future city and narrow down the options for possible locations of the new family home.


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