London is a beautiful and alluring city that draws thousands of new people every year. However, rent can be expensive and above the means for many people, especially students. Those who plan to relocate to London and fit into this category have the option of sharing flats in London with others who are seeking people with whom to share expenses.

If this sounds like an attractive option for you then there are some things you should consider before agreeing to move into flats in London with flatmates. Keep in mind, it’s not easy living with other people and various items need to be shared and guidelines followed for a smooth living arrangement.

Following are some items to place at the top of your flatmate-hunting list.

Consider the Type of Dwelling

Before you even think about whether or not you are compatible with your flatmates, you should consider the type of dwelling they are inviting you to live in. Besides flats in London, there are also rentable townhouses and traditional houses.

Although landlords normally take care of broken plumbing, malfunctioning air conditioners and refrigerators, etc, townhouses and traditional houses can have different chores for which tenants are responsible. Find out if there are lawns to mow, gardens to maintain, snow to shovel, and other duties in which you may be asked to share.

Consider All the Expenses

There are various expenses associated with leasing flats in London besides rent. Yes, you want to find out what your portion of the rent will be, but you also want to ask about other expenses.

Find out if you have to pitch in on the deposit and how much will be your share of the electricity, telephone, gas, etc. You should also ask if such expenses as telephone, internet, Pay TV, etc are shared or are on a user-only basis. You might also want to ask how such community items such as toilet paper, light bulbs, laundry detergent, etc are going to be resupplied.

Consider How Chores Are Divided

Living in flats in London constitutes more than dwelling and sleeping. There are various chores which have to be completed. Flats get dirty and need to be cleaned, dishes need washed, toilets and bathtubs need scrubbed, and more.

You should check with your potential flatmates on how such chores are tackled. Is everyone responsible for their own tidying, or does each flatmate have particular days to complete chores?

Consider the House Rules

Again, it’s not easy living with one or more other people. Therefore, you should try to find out about the other people you will be living in flats in London with. If they are partiers and you want to dedicate your time to studying then those attributes could collide and cause problems.

One roundabout way to find out such things is to inquire about the house rules. Ask about how shared living space, computer, telephone times are divvied up, what the rules are for inviting friends over, how late does everyone stay up, etc. You should also establish the guidelines for serving your notice to vacate flats in London.

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