A home twenty years ago probably would have had a VCR, a landline phone, and, if its occupants were of the tech avant-garde, dial-up Internet. Modern London’s homes are a far cry from those of 1995, which makes you wonder how things will look in another 20 years. Here are our predictions for London homes circa 2035.

So Much for Living Large: Introducing the Micro House

The trend toward all things micro seems here to stay — microcars, microbreweries, and, now, micro homes. Journalists have coined the term “Generation Rent” to describe young Londoners who remain lifelong flat-dwellers because they can’t afford to buy in London’s property market. The portable micro home may be their only chance to have their own place.

If your move to London is happening on a budget, you might consider Ecodom’s 130-square-foot eco-friendly micro house. For £8,000, you get a shower room, fold-down bed, and a kitchenette. It’s not much, but it’s yours.

Battersea Power Station Gets a Makeover

Battersea Power Station just may be your future home. The planned £4 billion renovation will create the most advanced sustainable development in the United Kingdom. The modern version will still generate electricity but only from sustainable sources.

The development includes a glass, 300-meter-high chimney that will house posh apartments with panoramic views of London. If you live in one of these uber-green chimney flats, you’ll probably be a tad house-poor, so you’ll appreciate that the chimney’s unique ventilation system reduces energy demand by 67 percent.

The Jetsons Do London

All the gadgets and gizmos that we thought we’d only see on The Jetsons will soon become the norm for London homes. Say you’re visiting your family back in the United States, and you hear the doorbell to your flat ring. You’re not losing your mind — you have an Internet-enabled doorbell. The doorbell rings to your smartphone so you can communicate with the person at the door.

In fact, you can count on almost every electronic device in your home being connected to your phone in some way. The fridge can tell you whether you have milk, and your phone can tell you whether you forgot to shut the iron off.

Whether you end up living in a palatial, eco-friendly skyscraper or a portable home the size of your mother’s garden shed, one thing’s certain: the future will bring lots of exciting changes for London living.

Image via Flickr by Kathleen Tyler Cronkin

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