I found it daunting to navigate through Soho. The masses in China Town and on Old Compton Street made travel languid and exhausting.  To be fair, I had a biased start to my journey.  It was late afternoon on a Saturday and therefore the tube trek proved crowded, hot and delayed.

I almost returned, defeated, to Notting Hill when I stumbled upon the Soho Food Feast in the garden of St. Anne’s Church.  My previous feelings of suffocation and disillusionment transformed to those of relaxation and contentment.  The festival was raising money for the Parish School.  A hand of Soho’s loveliest restaurants contributed samples of their best dishes, and for an entry fee of 10 £ I was free to try each one.  People sat on picnic tables, inhaling the fresh, delicious food.  Others gathered under the massive white tent chatting with the chefs, collecting foods and grabbing drinks.

I emerged from the garden, satisfied with a better attitude.  I again attempted to properly explore SoHo.  The area still did not live up to my expectations. Soho, nevertheless, contains hidden brilliances and activities as shown by the foodie festival.


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