The Portobello Marketplace on Saturdays is a hodge-podge collection of stalls and people.  Stalls were lined up on both sides of the colorful street.  Some were miscellaneous combinations of cheap rubbish and others were full of treasures such as vinyl records, old cameras and audacious headwear.  As people browsed a lively trio played traditional Irish music.  The country-like tunes attracted a decently sized crowd that swayed to the upbeat melodies.  Further down Portobello I was greeted by quintessentially American Music.  I followed the happy melody of Sweet Child O’ Mine to the source, a music stall full of solely old-school American records. Amidst the vintage, records and purses were stalls packed with fresh produce and every genre of food. People tucked in to the side streets, enjoying sandwiches, coffees and beers in a removed ambience.  Others, immersed in the mass of people, eagerly snapped photos of the surreal market place.  Portobello market is a rightful staple of London.  If you are relocating to London, make sure to check it out.

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