It may be tempting for those moving to London from Americato try and cram everything humanly possible into a pre-move trip to the city but we recommend to focus on the most important issues and then try and enjoy the mini-vacation.  There will be plenty of time for crazed running around after moving to London from America.  The pre-move trip should be reserved for finding a home and getting acquainted with the town.  One should consider it like a first date of sorts.

Moving to London from America – Securing Housing

Many families preparing for their move try and come in person to the city when the time comes to secure housing.   Relocation agents are wonderful at what they do but nothing compares to actually seeing properties firsthand.  Those fortunate enough to make the trip before the move should be prepared to see a lot of properties.  Also they need to be prepared to make a decision on the spot.

Moving to London from America – Education

The pre-move trip is the time to tour schools.  Since education is a huge concern of most moving from America this decision will need to take top priority, second only to housing.  There are many wonderful schools both state and private in the London area.  The list of possible candidates can be whittled away at home with a resulting short list to be visited during the pre-move trip.

Moving to London from America – Relax

One of the benefits of travelling before the big move is that families will be able to look at their future hometown through a new set of eyes.  Once the move is in swing there will be little time for sightseeing and wandering of streets.  Allowing one’s entire family to enjoy a few days in London exploring Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus or just wandering the streets of Chelsea will start the move off right.

No matter what time of year a family is moving from America a pre-move visit is appropriate.  With so much to do after the move is under way sorting out what can be sorted out before the boxes are shipped is a good choice.  Of course housing and education decisions can be made in the States but to really guarantee the best choices are made – especially for families having never been to London – a pre-move trip is warranted before moving from America.

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