If you’re making the relocation to London this month or next, bundle up—and make it waterproof! As my Facebook status update says today:

“‎The greatest trick London Summer ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that, poof. He’s gone.”

Yes, that’s a nod to The Usual Suspects because when I woke up this morning, it fully hit me that the little elusive devil that still technically gets to be called “summer” here in London has up and gone; its sad little limp through our streets has turned into a confident stride elsewhere…if it was ever here to begin with. I don’t know if I could pick it out in a line-up if I saw it.

To be fair, this was actually a really nice summer. For London. It’s all relative, people, so if you’re in the process of moving to London, you’d better just get that straight ASAP. Because it’s August and already feeling quite autumnal. The rain here is usually in-and-out, little sprinkling showers alternating with sunshine, but lately we’ve been under the sky’s steady drip, the sort of rain that lingers all day. But it’s a light rain, and temps aren’t cold; that being said, our latest houseguest just arrived at our apartment this morning in shorts and a t-shirt (having flown in from 90-degrees and sunny Chicago), and he has just left to go for a walk in jeans, a sweater-vest, windbreaker, hat, and umbrella. 🙂  That’s just how it is, but you know what? We love it. It is what it is, and we’re actually grateful for the comfortable temperatures this time of year that don’t require air-conditioning or heating (well, AC is never an option in most apartment rentals, so you’ll also be thankful that it doesn’t usually get hot-hot here).

I don’t know. I’ve always been a sweater-weather gal, so I like my jeans and cardigans. And hats. I loves me a good hat. So since relocating from the US, I’ve overall been just fine with the weather; my only regret is the somewhat grey pallor that can come on during winter when there really just isn’t any sun. Time to start popping the Vitamin D.

Life is full of trade-offs, though, right? Trust me, when you make the move, you’ll readily discover all the pros that heavily outweigh the cons, all the fun stuff that I usually blog about when grey days like this don’t dominate my thoughts. It’s funny, but people really do talk about the weather a lot here, and now I see why. It’s not idle chit-chat but something the British have refined to a conversational art.

So cheers to your international relocation to the UK and finding that cozy apartment for curling up with a good book on rainy days like these. London Relocation will likewise be your umbrella, shielding you from undesirable elements to keep you safe and comfortable!

Addendum: Within but three hours of writing this post, my guest has returned with jacket peeled off, hat discarded, and umbrella folded, complaining that the jeans and previously mentioned layers had gotten way too hot. As he says this, the sun is shining, the sky blue, and a pleasing breeze blowing in through my window. So just when we’re ready to knock crappy weather, it delivers the gorgeous. That’s London for ya. She keeps you on your toes. 🙂

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