When you’re contemplating international relocation, or are an American moving to London you will want to get things sorted out before you leave. You can start making lists and researching the city to try and learn as much as possible about it or you can make a list of what YOU really need and let the professionals handle it for you.

Accommodation Action Stations

Finding a living accommodation is going to be the hardest part of your relocation to London. If you arrive after your relocation in London and are going to start looking then,  you may find that the process can take weeks rather than days. It is better to make a list of the amenities that you require and then decide upon a professional London relocation services company to find properties that fit around your needs.

When you’re making a list of accommodation must-haves consider the following:

  • Do you want to live right in the city when you relocate to London? There are people that enjoy the bustle of a 24 hour city lifestyle and those who prefer to have a little bit of peace and quiet when they come home from work. The city of London really rocks, so if you’re not all that keen on being one of the 24-hour hum of an urban experience, then consider living just a little bit further out of town near one of the green-belt areas.
  • What amenities do you need to be within walking distance from your Lapartment? This is an important aspect of choosing a new location aftyer your international relocation. Transport is always going to be an issue while you are living in London so you need to establish which amenities you need to be able to walk to. Schools are particularly important as are doctors, hospitals, community centers and grocery stores. You don’t’ want to have to take three buses and a train to get to your favorite branch of Sainsbury’s on a daily basis.

Figure out what are the important needs for you and your family, and then provide your relocation agent with a list of your requirements. Not only does a professional relocation agent know the city, they also know how to get a lease negotiated for foreigners. International relocation can be made easier by working with a relocation agent in advance. Taking time out when you first arrive to enjoy the city should be high on your priority list, you will be able to do that once you’ve found your new home.

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