So, you’re moving to London and are all excited that your new address at your new London apartment is going to be in your new country of England. Or should you say United Kingdom? But isn’t it also Great Britain? And what about the British Isles? Yeesh… No one expects an international relocation to be straightforward, but c’mon, give us expats a break here!

Well, if you’re visual like I am, to your right is your quick-n-easy cheat-sheet. Seriously, if we can’t be bothered to consult reference books or websites to understand the history of the British Isles’ political boundaries, we can at least take a couple seconds to roll our eyes over this Venn Diagram.

Ready? 1…2….*light-bulb clicks on*

Everyone say it with me now:
“OOOHHHhhhh…I GET IT now.”

Uh huh. Of course, no one’s stopping you if you do want to consult reference texts to learn more about why these nations are grouped the way they are. And, oh okay, I suppose if you twist my arm, maybe next week I’ll blog a LESS-Lazy Expat explanation of it…

But to be duly diligent now in case this image ever goes away because of some Internet quirk, I’ll break it down here in writing as well. To start from the top, the British Isles encompass all of ’em: the shared landmass of the Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland, the shared landmass of England/Wales/Scotland, and then the littluns floating around out there, i.e., Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey (the last two of which together form the Channel Islands). In other words, you could say:

British Isles  = United Kingdom + Republic of Ireland + Isle of Man + Channel Islands

United Kingdom = Great Britain + Northern Ireland

Great Britain = England + Wales + Scotland

The official name for the UK is, in fact, “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,” but that’s a lot to write on a mailing envelope.

But when it comes pinpointing your destination in the form of a London apartment rental, leave the addresses to our London relocation services. Our London Relocation agents will research about 20 of them to show you in one day, so rest assured there will be no confusion about that! 🙂



And today London Relocation wishes all Canadians a Happy Canada Day!

Canadians moving to London, you’ll be able to whoop it up on this special day over here in the UK, too! The Canadian expats who have already made their relocation to London have been celebrating all day today in Trafalgar Square and all over the city!



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