London is a city like no other, which you’ll find out while you’re preparing for your international relocation. It is also a city like every other large city on the planet which means that you need to develop some street smarts and use common sense while making your way around the city.

You will be doing a lot of walking when you get to London, it’s just a part of moving to London and living in London and this is the place that you’re most likely to be a victim of crime if you don’t keep your eyes and ears open. The first thing you need to remember when you’re moving to London is that you’re not a tourist anymore. You’re a part of a vibrant and busy city, and acting like a tourist with your camera slung around your neck is a great way to attract undesirable attention.

Common Sense and Safety Tips

You’d be surprised at how many people moving to London think that it is a crime free city. The crime rate is much lower than many other countries, but being alert and aware of what is happening around you is the best way to keep yourself out of the statistics.

  • Don’t look lost, even if you are! All Londoner’s carry the A-Z street map so you won’t look like a tourist when you use it. If you really are lost, don’t ask people on the street to help you; look for a policeman or go into a large shop to make an enquiry.
  • Don’t flash your cash. This is another reason why you need to set up a bank account as soon as possible after your relocation to London. If your cash is snatched it is gone forever.
  • Keep to the main roads. This is especially important at night when you should never walk alone down an unlit street. Just don’t do it. Ever.
  • On public transport, avoid empty carriages and sit close to the exits if it is getting late. Look out for the passenger alarms when you get onto a train or tube. They are there for a reason. If you have an emergency, use them.

Remember that the emergency number for all services in the UK is 999. Program it into your phone as a matter of course as soon as you have arrived. Your relocation is the biggest adventure of your life. Staying safe will make it that much more enjoyable.


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