As an expat who made a relocation to London from the US, I used to always say of my sweet-home Chicago that it’s a city that can be as laid-back or as cosmopolitan as you want it to be; it’s got something going on for all walks of life. London is no different. And while I personally prefer the laid-back side of London, I’ve written before about the posh side of it (for example, “Living in London: Some Posh Nosh” and “Relocation to London – You Don’t Have to be Rich to be Posh“), and recently I discovered another little pocket of this at Brinkley’s Restaurant in Little Chelsea.

Brinkley’s is allegedly where the likes of Hugh Grant and Will and Kate have wined-n-dined—and somewhere I could absolutely see the cast of Made in Chelsea stepping out in their finest frocks and dullest dialogue (FYI, this show on UK telly is London’s answer to The Hills, starring young socialites in London’s Chelsea that possess about the same level of emotional depth and intellectual insight as their southern Cal predecessors…[insert eye-roll here]). And indeed by 8:00pm the place was already packed and only got progressively more so by an affluent and relatively older crowd (30/40+) dressed to the nines on just a Wednesday night. I can’t quite yet say that the class of the interior design and fashion to be had there is exuded by the patrons themselves…immediately upon walking out, I was hit on by a man who then, within two minutes of seeing my friend’s pregnant belly, started showing us photos on his iPhone of him holding his newborn child that his wife had just give birth to barely over a week earlier. And all the while that we’re politely oohing and ahhing over these pictures, I see a nicely dressed middle-aged man on his knees on the sidewalk with his nose pressed to Brinkley’s front window, trying to drunkenly communicate with someone inside. Lovely.

Okay, that was a ‘lovely’ reeking in sarcasm, but what was lovely about my evening at Brinkley’s (besides the delightful conversation catching up with my old friend) was their fine selection of wines and contemporary menu, as well as its interesting layout that is divided into a few different spaces depending on what meets your fancy (and what’s still available)–you have the Wine Gallery on the left and the bar and restaurant on the right, with sidewalk seating in front and garden seating in back, as well as party rooms for private hire. And, tucked away on Hollywood Road off the bustle of Fulham Road, it’s in a nice, quiet residential area among other good venues—if you want good Italian cuisine, pop across the street to Made in Italy, and if you’re looking for a more casual cocktail, the Hollywood Arms pub is right next door.

And speaking of nice, quiet residential areas, let our London Relocation agents know if you’re interested in finding a London apartment in this neighborhood; it’s generally situated near Earls Court, South Kensington, and Chelsea, where a lot of Americans moving to London opt to live.

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