Are you wondering what you’re going to do come Halloween after your relocation? While traditionally not celebrated to the extent that it is in other parts of the world, there are still Halloween celebrations and parties to be found in the city (see “Relocating to London UK – What’s on in London for Halloween!” for a sample). It’s trick or treating’ that is not a tradition. Americans moving here who are missing out on Halloween and Thanksgiving will have a host of other holidays to celebrate during the next few weeks.

England celebrates Guy Fawkes Night more than any other holiday in the year. This day commemorates the defeat of an anti-government plot on November 5, 1605. English Catholics led by Guy Fawkes were caught before they could blow up the Houses of Parliament. Today, on November 5, children make stuffed figures of Guy Fawkes and ask their neighbours for “a penny for the guy.” The money is used to buy fireworks and the guy is tossed into a bonfire. (see “