The following is a guest post from one of London Relocation‘s own, the lovely Phillippa Rutt, our client relations manager.

Greetings from your guest blogger! Now, I have a confession to make. I am a through and through Brit; I grew up here, was born in Oxfordshire, spent my youth as a young and fairly outdoorsy child playing outside most of the time despite the British weather—my parents being of the opinion that a little rain wouldn’t hurt and if we were cold to “put on a jumper…” Now I know that a lot of you are probably still trying to figure out the British weather (four seasons in one day), but I beg you, throw caution to the wind/sun/snow/hail and just get outside and enjoy some quintessential English moments!

Summertime in England is quite the social calendar, from the strawberries and cream joy of Wimbledon to the pick-your-own-fruit-and-vegetable farms you can discover just an hour or so out of the city. There is also the Veuve Cliquot Polo, Ascot Races, a host of music festivals (both in London and out of the city), cricket, outdoor cinema, picnic’s in Hyde Park, Punting on the Thames in Oxfordshire. There is SO much to do here. You are an intrepid explorer and London is your Everest. As long as you are prepared you can face anything! Summertime begins in May and rolls on through until September – and it all happens come rain or shine.

There is something very British about the way we ignore the weather and just press on regardless. Arming yourself with a sweater possibly a wax jacket (no, it’s a real thing – check out it may be a wise investment!) and an umbrella and quite frankly you are ready to go. There is something terribly romantic about seeing ladies and gentlemen avoiding puddles and warming themselves, often nursing cups of tea chattering away to each other about the fact that its supposed to turn out nice later/tomorrow/next week. British people are optimistic – when is comes to the weaher! Also, lets face it, in hotter climes you did take the weather for granted didn’t you? Whereas here, you wake up and see blue sky and sunshine and suddenly your day takes on a completely different feeling. London gets friendlier, people spill out onto pavements in the evening sunshine not wanting to waste a moment, the parks are full of people in, well, their underwear! eating sandwiches in their lunchbreaks. The sunshine makes us all a bit mad, and we persevere. If there is so much as a chink of blue sky we throw on a little dress or shorts and pretend its 78 degree’s its not necessarily sensible but its quite charming in a disarming sort of way. The key is don’t try and understand or rationalise. Sometimes it’s far more fun to just go with the flow!

SO next time the sun shines, or even if it doesn’t. Walk home, take dinner into the park, book tickets to an outside theatre production, swim in the Lido’s, hire a car and drive out to the countryside (or take the train) and try your hand at punting, gather together the kids and go pick your own fruit and veg from the organic farms and enjoy this mad country and all it has to offer. I promise, as long as you turn a blind eye to this crazy weather of ours you’ll have a great time.

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