As a London relocation services company we see a lot of people who are beginning a relocation due to a job in London.  High paid professionals make up a lot of the South Kensington area residences and it’s where many Americans choose to live.  Even though they are living in London it’s nice to have familiar people and be in an area that is populated by other people familiar with your culture and less reserved in nature.  Americans are certainly more outwardly gregarious in gestures and speech patterns than those of a local lineage.  The English are just more reserved than most Americans, so being located in one area does have this cultural slant that is just more welcoming.   For those relocating to London are facilitating a corporate relocation from a professional standpoint, and they generally stand to gain financially both in the short and long term.

As the cost of living is somewhat prohibitive, relocation services paid by ones employer is sometimes an option.  While the pay floor will be set higher in an upscale location and international headquarters such as a London office provides, the career benefits to be gained for adding such a work period in this location are also an asset in future employments and experience factors.   Rarely can a top level executive, or a high level sales position get the opportunity to raise their income by 50-100% under the same company or business entity.  It is extremely unlikely that an employer will increase one’s salary or commission pay to that kind of extreme.  However, large ceilings restricting income earned can be broken in such high percentages should one find a new employer.   Industry professionals in advertising, technology, and education can all find many high level opportunities for advancement and employment while living here.   So perhaps a relocation is the perfect solution to making oneself more valuable in their chosen profession while gaining real world international business experience in a global hub.

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