Your relocation to London will involve a lot more than just trying to figure out which is you’re your tube stop. Working in London is going to be quite different and you’ll have to get used to office traditions and business lunches at the pub, as well as longer vacations!

Most Americans moving to London will be working as soon as they arrive and adapting to your environment and new job as fast as possible will help you make friends, and get ahead in your new job.

Odd Office Traditions

If you tell everyone when your birthday is, don’t expect gifts and an office lunch to celebrate. The onus is on the birthday person to provide cakes or snack for the entire office! This does not just happen in a few offices; it’s considered the norm in all companies in England and much of the commonwealth too. You don’t have to put on an entire spread, and there won’t be a celebration lunch hour where you all gather round and eat the food.

You’ll just place the food items into the kitchen and send a discreet email to your colleagues telling them there are some nibbles in the kitchen because it’s your birthday. Seem odd? It’s just another tradition that you’ll be making a part of your life after your relocation to London. Join in or guard the date of your birthday with your life!

Working here is going to be a part of the entire international relocation experience, and it will probably form the basis for many of the friends you make. Getting to know people outside of work is the best way to increase the amount of people that you know and a great way to get acquainted with British culture.  Jobs in London may be harder to get as well.

Don’t be afraid to go out with your colleagues for a pint after work, or even during lunch hour. Despite the great British reserve, that you may experience when you are moving to London, you’ll find that most people working here are friendly and will make an effort to include you in the office outings.

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