Your relocation to London is not just about enjoying the sights of the city. Remember that you’re not a tourist anymore, and your sightseeing is probably going to be restricted to weekends once you’ve your sorted your relocation jobs in London. Many Americans moving to London will be transferred by a company from the states to a London office. This means you’ll still be working within the American corporate culture with subtle differences.

If your relocation jobs mean that you’re going to be working for a British company in London then you’d best be prepared for some major differences. Luckily, they are all on the plus scale!

  • Working 9-5 actually means 9-5! In the states it usually means 9 – 6 including a lunch hour, if you’re lucky. In the UK, your lunch hour is sacred and knocking off at 5 pm on the dot is the norm.
  • Going for a pint. You may be asked on a weekly basis to go for a pint in your lunch hour. It may even be your boss asking you! Having a beer with your lunch or going out with colleagues for a bit of a brain storm is quite common in London, even if you return a bit tipsy on a Friday. It’s close enough to the weekend to be acceptable!
  • 25 days of vacation. This is part of an EU directive that states that all EU companies must give their employees a minimum of 25 days of paid vacation per year! That’s a full month, and does not include the public and national holidays. Remember that Paris is a couple of hours away by train so make weekend mini-breaks a part of your life.

You’re also allowed unlimited sick leave in the UK although you will have to produce a doctor’s letter if you’re off for more than five days. It might take some getting used to the way that business works in the UK, but don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re relocation is going to be a vacation every day. Locals work very hard and play hard, so you’re going to be busy all round after your big international relocation.


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