At least 1 million UK and EU residents, that’s who. If you’re moving to London by the 2012 Olympic Games, you might have been incorporating some Games research into your international relocation planning. In that event, perhaps you’re already aware that the first round of tickets to these athletic events already went on sale to local residents in spring before the remainder are available to the rest of the world.

You might also know that not everyone who applied for tickets during that first pass received them. Indeed, just over 1 million frustrated sports fans didn’t receive any of the events they requested while others have received multiple. I’m a bit giddy to say that my husband and I are among that latter group, scoring tickets to three different events! Athletics, Basketball, and Volleyball. We’re psyched. We’re also giggling at one of my husband’s coworkers who had applied for several different events, but particularly women’s beach volleyball so that he could attend with his mates. Might I also mention he is a husband and father and had promised members of his wife’s family that they would give them Olympics tickets, only to now find out that the only ones they got were the women’s beach volleyball tix so he and buddies can go grab a few beers and gawk at the ladies in their bikinis. That’ll be a fun one to explain to the in-laws… 🙂

In any case, of the original 6.6 million tickets offered for the first round, 2 million people vied for them with a total of 22 million requests! And as of Friday morning this week (24 June), over 2 million more tickets were released for a second round of local sales. Unfortunately, it sounds like demand was already so high that the London 2012 website was running quite slow that first day, leaving many to refresh their screens only to be told to “try again later.” I’m not sure exactly how they’ve been going about sorting all this, but residents are none too pleased with a system that cheated so many out of tickets the first time around and are now punishing those same folks with Internet glitches. Hopefully this gets smoothed over in time to restore some goodwill for the Games next summer.

In the meantime, according to London 2012’s site, applicants who did not receive tickets during the first round can continue applying for them between now and 6pm on July 3rd. And as of 6am on July 8th, first-round applicants who did get tickets on that first try will be eligible to purchase even more.

So good luck to you if you’re going to try for some! Regardless, your relocation to London in 2012 will be achievement enough. London Relocation agents can make finding a London apartment simple, but procuring your UK visa to move over here when relocation to the UK is so high in demand is no small feat—that documentation in hand is as good as Olympic gold!

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