London is a very big city, and if you have not visited before then you may only discover this after your international relocation. Choosing a neighborhood and suburb after your relocation to London is one of the most important decisions of moving to London. It is also a decision that can be influenced by a number of variables and scenarios.

Having professional advice can be useful for your relocation. There are a couple of excellent relocation services agents that specialize in finding and settling Americans moving here. They not only have the experience of the city of London, but being American companies means they know what your expectations are.

While transport to and from work is a big consideration there are other issues and challenges that are unique to expats considering relocation.

Choosing accommodation is very different if you are moving with a family. Finding a studio apartment in “the city” for a swinging single is very different to sourcing a four bedroomed house close to the city center. If you have children you will first have to decide on where you children will attend school, as it can determine where you are going to live. Many Americans moving here choose to live outside of London in Surrey which is close to a number of International schools. The commute into central London can be a complete nightmare, so make your choices based on good professional advice.

If you have a pet or are considering getting a pet after your relocation you will want to live close to a green belt or one of the parks. Hardly any homes have gardens that are big enough for even the smallest pooch. Factor that into your decision when you are talking to your relocation agents.

You need to establish what your requirements are before moving. Decide what is important to you and clearly communicate that to your relocation agents. Signing a lease usually involves a commitment of a year or more, and the last thing you want is to get stuck in Kentish Town when you’d rather be in Kensington.

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