While your relocation agent is busy with establishing the foundation for your relocation: finding you a new apartment, you’ll want to spend time adjusting and experiencing everything that the city has to offer after such a big international relocation.

Many Americans moving here assume that they are moving to an English speaking country which is almost an extension of the US. The truth is that you will have just as many adjustments with relocation to London as you would have with any international relocation.

Adjusting to new culture means a little more than a visit to Buckingham Palace. The best way to get settled is to start thinking of Engand as your new home, instead of a place that you are living in, away from home.  While it is important to maintain a good connection with your friends and family back at home, it is also just as important to get out and meet as many people as you can and make new friends in London.

You may have to put in a bit more effort at first, to connect with people when you are living in London. Locals are friendly and welcoming to foreigners, but with many people not having cars, and being spread out over a large area, it can be hard to make friends within walking distance.

The biggest problem facing many Americans moving to London is the fact that they tend to stick to the expat community. It can be somewhat of a comfort zone and beware that you don’t exclude yourself from meeting other people and having new experiences. One of the best ways to meet people is to join a community centre. Find classes or groups in your neighborhood that match your interests. No matter where you go, you’ll have a common interest and some common ground to start up conversations and friendships.

Getting involved in your community is one way of making the transition between back home to your new home. Remember, just because you’re in a new country doesn’t mean that you’re always going to be a foreigner. London is a city of travelers and foreigners anyway, and just as soon as you have a postcode to call home, you’re considered a real local!

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