Your relocation to London is not complete until you have had a chance to really explore your city. If you’re moving to London in the summer, you may not want to join the throngs of tourists trying to get onto the London Eye or into the tower of London. You’re going to be here for quite a while, so you can wait until September to visit the major tourist attractions and do something more unusual in your first few weeks.

An international relocation can be as easy or as hard as you choose to make it. Having a the services of relocation agents to handle all of the details will ensure that you have time to discover the fascinating, sights of the city of London. Getting settled is more than finding an apartment and unpacking your boxes. You need to get an idea of the neighborhoods that you are living in and a sense of the city before you start work.

The first thing you can do is walk! Invest in a pair of stout and comfortable walking shoes and hit the streets in your neighborhood. It’s a great way to discover all of the shops and amenities in the neighborhood, and will also give you the chance to get a feel for your community.

If you’re going to venture further afield and are looking for some unusual and interesting sights of London then why not try the Zero Hour Bus Tours. This is avante garde art, as well as a fascinating audio tour of the city streets. This exhibition/tour is only on from 26 – 29 July 2011. The tour starts at midnight and runs until 2am. It’s well worth staying up for because you’ll be fully immersed into the nightlife and art scene.

This piece was created for N11 night bus and you catch the tour from World’s End Estate to Liverpool Street Station and back again. Unlike many other tourist exhibitions in summer this one is part of the more hidden side of life. The side that only real locals see.

If you’re strapped for cash after your relocation and want to do something a little different the Zero Hour Bus Tour is perfect. The tour is absolutely free, although you will have to book in advance.

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