What do you really need to plan for when you are moving to London? What comes first? All the planning that you do in your country of origin will be leading you towards one goal: how to hit the ground running when you arrive at Heathrow. Touchdown Tips                  An international relocation to London can be a challenging and stressful time and one of the best ways to make it stress free and easy is to use the services of a company that specializes in London relocation services. Your London relocation agents will be able to help you with the big details of your move, including finding a new London apartment, as well as opening a bank account and dealing with smaller details like registering at the council and a doctor.

Get Your NI Number One of the most important details is getting a National Insurance number. If you’re being transferred as part of a relocation jobs package by your company then they will probably take care of the details for you. But what about your partner or spouse? You can ask your London relocation services company to help you with applying for an NI card. The purpose of an NI card and number is to allow the government to record your taxes and benefits. If you don’t have an NI number you will pay the emergency tax rate, which is much higher. An NI number also entitles you to free health care from all doctors and hospitals in London, as well as making applying for credit and store cards much easier.

Opening a UK bank account is also one of the first things you’ll want to do. If you carry on using your debit or credit cards from home, you’ll be paying through the nose for commissions on buying foreign exchange as well as increased bank charges and fees. Having a bank account in the UK is vital if you intend to rent or even buy property. It will also help you to get a phone contract, credit for car loans and a host of banking and financial services that you may need when you are moving here. If you’re worried about moving and the details involved, the best thing you can do is leave your worries in the capable hands of one of the professional relocation agents. They know where you’re coming from and they know where you need to be in the first weeks of your relocation.

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