When you’re planning your relocation to London you’re going to start making lists. Lists of things you have, things to organize and lists of things you need to do once you get to London. Your London relocation agents will give you even more lists of places to rent and you may get a few lists from your banks and employers. Moving to London can be a challenging experience, but once you’re settled into your new London apartment, you’ll want to make another list…

Free Attractions and Places to Visit if you’ve just arrived in London.

Your relocation to London may have cost you quite a bit once you’ve added it all up. You don’t want to miss out on the experience of living in London while you’re there. One of the nicest aspects of moving to London is the amount of places you can visit and sights you can see on no budget at al.

·      Hyde Park. You have not experienced London if you don’t take an amble through the splendor of Hyde Park of an afternoon. There are loads of activities including boating and swimming in the Serpentine River, tennis, horse riding and even an adventure playground for the kids. The best activity though is to take in the magnificent gardens and walks. Absolutely free. Enjoy the Princess Diana Memorial Garden or the Speakers corner on a Sunday morning if you a taste of the bizarre.

·      Covent Garden. Experience the market and the street performers in this famous corner of London. Packed with the past and present of London from the antique to the arty. A great place to spend an afternoon.

·      The British Museum. You’ll have to take an entire day to explore the whole of the museum. Free entry and outstanding exhibits, the museum is world class and world famous.

·      The National Gallery. If art is your passion then you’ll fall in love with the galleries and art museums in London. Start with the National Gallery and spend a few hours absorbing the massive art collection from all periods and from around the world. Tate Britain, comprising the Tate Gallery and Tate Modern are well worth a visit as part of your cultural heritage.

·      Free Concerts. There are a huge amount of free concerts held every day, catering to every type of taste in music. Check out the listings for free concerts at the national Theatre. A must-visit while you’re living here is the free lunchtime concerts held in the Crypt at St. Martin in the Fields.

·      Markets. You just cannot get enough of the flea markets and produce markets in London. Portobello, Spitalfields, and Leadenhall make for great weekend excursions, especially in summer when they stay open late. All of the markets in London have a story to tell about how they came into being, the history of the area and the people who have made them famous.

There are hundreds of places that you can visit that are not only iconic, but will give you a taste of everything that this city has to offer. Find the famous and the infamous about London. Discover the true heart of the city as you explore the streets. It’s about time you started making another list!

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