Just as soon as your London relocation services have you settled into your near flat then you need to head out and explore the town. If it is your first time, then you will take a couple of months to visit all of the well known tourist attractions and take hundreds of photos of the Changing on the Guard at Buckingham palace and of the view from the London Eye. Once you’ve done everything in the guidebooks, and you’re a real Londoner, then you might want to try heading off the beaten path for your weekend excursions.

Colorful Camden

Camden is an area of London that has one of the greatest community vibes in the city. This is a neighborhood devoted to everyone and everything that happens. They even have their own website so you know exactly what is going down at any moment and there is a lot to enjoy when you visit Camden.

The area is most famous for the Camden Market. It one of London’s most visited tourist attractions, but real locals use the back streets and hidden alleys to find the true Camden experience. The easiest way to get to Camden is to take the tube. Camden is found in Zone 2 and is located in north London making it right at the centre of the transport network. You can get off the tube at the Camden Town Station, or at Chalk Farm Road, which are both on the Northern Line.

The market is open every day of the year except for Christmas Day from 10am – 6pm and it is very busy, especially on weekends during the summer months. Surrounding the market, you’ll find all sorts of specialty stores, fine restaurants and alfresco dining to enjoy. If you have kids then why not combine a trip to Camden market with a trip to London Zoo. It’s about ten minutes walk between the two.

If you want to see how Camden rocks then you have to look out for the monthly events and festivals that they have all year round. Great music, fine food and some of the most interesting shopping to be had in London. You’re a local now, and moving here should be about exploring your new home and finding your favorite places.


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