If you’re looking for relocation to London tips ahead of your big move, one of the questions that is always asked is about the weather and what to pack in order to be prepared. If you’re moving today you’d better bring an umbrella, some boots and a thick coat, but that’s not to say that London won’t dance into a lovely summer tomorrow. Yes; the weather is changeable, but that doesn;t mean you need to pack for all four seasons when you’re getting ready for your relocation.

Relocation To London Tips For Packing

The best relocation to London tips when it comes to packing your suitcases is that you don’t have to pack your entire wardrobe, even if you’re moving here for a couple of years. This is especially important if you’re moving to London from Australia or any country with a warm climate. You just won’t be able to pack the sort of winter clothes that will keep the chill out. It’s always best to get kitted out when you arrive, but pack a couple of sweaters in your overnight case for arrival at Heathrow. Your suitcases should contain a selection of clothes that are comfortable and include some good walking shoes for your first few days in the city.

Relocation to London Tips For Moving

It can be difficult to decide what gets packed in your suitcases and what comes along in a couple of weeks in your crates. If you can, try to pack a few towels and bed linens from home. This is especially important if you are travelling with young children. It’ll give them a sense of security and help with the homesickness if you have some semblance of home when you move into your new apartment. A couple of family photos and a memento or two won’t take up too much space in your suitcase and you’ll feel at home from the moment you move in.

If you pay attention to planning your relocation well in advance and coordinate with a professional relocation service, your move with run smoothly and everything will arrive when it is supposed to and in excellent condition. A trans-Atlantic move is not easy; you’ll be exhausted for weeks after you arrive, but having a couple of items within easy reach will help you feel like you’re at home.

Our top relocation to London tips for this week: Buy an umbrella at Heathrow. Yes – It’s raining again!



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