I can’t believe I’ve been amiss in not mentioning before now the most important meal and part of the English culture as the “Sunday Roast”.  It’s the most traditional and regularly served meal in all of the United Kingdom and particularly in mainland England.  There are multiple explanations for when the tradition began.  Some believe it’s a left over tradition from the medieval times when squires worked six days a week and on Sundays after service they would practice their battle techniques in a big field and be rewarded afterwards with roasted oxen over an open fire.

Regardless of what you believe about the origin of the Sunday Roast, one thing is for sure, it’s a huge cultural tradition in England and after your relocation to London you will be taking part if ever you go to a restaurant or pub on a Sunday afternoon.  The meat is usually put in to roast slowly in the morning hours and the after church hours, so early afternoon is about when it begins to be served.

If moving to London has you a bit confused let’s break this tradition down.  You’ll hear it called a number of possible names while living in London, like:

  • Sunday Dinner
  • Sunday Lunch
  • Sunday Tea
  • Roast Dinner
  • Sunday Joint (after the joint of meat to be cooked)

The meat could be any meat and the fact is most pubs offer a choice of beef, pork, or lamb.  One should really try each time given the chance, mix it up and taste the different presentations and preparations.

Sunday Roast is much like the American Thanksgiving each week’s end, and like Thanksgiving there is “all the fixins”.  Specifically despite which meat you choose it will be served with stuffing, roast or mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, and of course Yorkshire pudding.

There isn’t a pub in England that doesn’t serve Sunday Roast, and in fact it’s the one meal most UK citizens go out to enjoy.  After all, once you have finished your relocation shouldn’t you jump right in and start living here the way the English do.  Try a different pub each weekend and soon you’ll find a favorite to the meal no traditional Englishman misses.

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