You might have found the perfect pad thanks to the dedicated efforts of your relocation agents, but it might seem a little strange to prepare a big Thanksgiving meal at home, especially if this is your first time in London. Many Americans moving prefer to take advantage of the magnificent themed restaurants that offer an authentic Thanksgiving dinner in the week of the event.

It might seem odd to go to a restaurant for your thanksgiving dinner, but it’ll serve a couple of purposes. The first is that you don’t have to try and squeeze a massive turkey into a small British oven. The second is that you don’t have to clean up a thing. Remember that it isn’t a holiday weekend here, so you might find yourself rushed off your feet if you try to prepare a feast while juggling work obligations at your new job.

You’ll also be able to hear the familiar patois of home if you attend one of the bigger thanksgiving celebrations held in London for the expat community. It might not feel exactly like home, but it will be nice to get out and celebrate with your countrymen in style.

The Reading Room at Claridges is offering a Thanksgiving dinner menu on 24 November that is guaranteed to fill you up, but it might seem a little odd to be holding a family celebration in such a quintessentially English establishment. It’s quite pricey as well, starting from £85 per person.

Bodeans will feel more like home and won’t put a dent in your wallet. A traditional BBQ Smokehouse, Bodeans is completely geared up for Thanksgiving with a menu that includes traditional fare, with a Southern barbecue style. It’s only £20.95 per person and the atmosphere is fantastic. It gets full, so make a booking through the website to secure a table.

There are a host of American style restaurants and over the next three weeks we’ll be letting you know just where you can find the best taste of home, authentic thanksgiving feasts and the places that’ll help you overcome your bout of homesickness after your relocation.

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