The most exciting part of moving here is the fact that you’re actually living in one of the most exciting cities in the world and don’t have to stick to a tourist timetable. This is a city with a secret round every corner and if you get very lucky and ask your London relocation services company to help out you could be living right in the heart of the city around a square.

Living Round A Square If you ask anyone to name the most famous square here, they will probably say “Leicester Square” or even “Trafalgar Square” in a heartbeat, but this city being laid out the way that it is, you will find a number of beautiful open spaces and private gardens in the very center of the hustle and bustle of city life. One of the nicest tours that you can take after your relocation is a tour with the London Garden Trust who organizes tours and the chance to visit some of London’s private squares and gardens. The “Square” is a defining feature of life and although development and urban renewal mean that homes are not built around squares anymore, it is still an architectural feature of the city and plays an important part of the history.

Today squares are just as important in the fabric of life and are the center of the community as well as being a welcome oasis of calm and green amid the frantic pace of city life. The squares are protected by the London Squares Act of 1931 and have made sure that locals’s are able to enjoy over 400 squares and mini parks right in the heart of the city. Open Garden Squares Weekend allows the public to have a peek at some of the most exclusive and private squares in the best neighborhoods. The squares and private gardens are only open for ONE weekend of the year so I’m giving you fair warning for the 2012 weekend which will be held in June. It’s booked up months in advance so get your tickets early. If you are starting to explore your new city on foot then why not do a bit of research and find some squares to look round after your relocation.

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