Moving to London UK from abroad is quite the journey, and I’m not just talking geographic distance. Once you’ve made your international relocation and assimilate to your new environs, you’ll find that you’ll go a long way indeed in terms of your world perspective. A stepping stone toward this is understanding different cultures and languages, so all last week and the beginning of this week I’ve been getting you started on an easy one: British English. I’ve blogged before in my “Speaking the Queen’s English” posts about how this vocabulary differs from American English, and while yesterday I addressed people and places, today we’ll cover the transportation that will get us around to them:

[American English = British English]

Roadways, etc.
curb = kerb
detour = diversion
divided highway = dual carriageway
freeway = motorway
overpass = flyover
parking lot = car park
pass (as in passing a slower vehicle) = overtake
sidewalk = pavement/footpath
stop light/traffic signal = traffic light

Car Parts/Supplies
fender = wing/mudguard
gas = petrol
gas station = filling station
gear shift = gear lever
hood = bonnet
license plate = number plate
muffler = silencer
odometer = mileometer
oil pan = sump
rear-view mirror = wing mirror
top = roof/hood
trunk = boot
windshield = windscreen

motorbike = moped
motorcycle = motorbike
moving van = removal van
sedan = saloon car
station wagon = estate car
trailer/camper/mobile home/RV = caravan
trailer truck = articulated lorry
truck  = lorry

Public Transport
one-way ticket = single ticket
round-trip ticket = return ticket
pedway = subway
subway = tube/underground
schedule = timetable

Our services include a hired car to transport you around your portfolio of apartments with ease, and your Relocation agent will ensure you know what public transport links (e.g., bus, tube line) are located near the flat you ultimately choose.  However you choose to get about town, be safe and mind the different direction of traffic! 🙂

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