Moving to London from America requires learning another language: British English. Yesterday’s post kicked off my series on how to speak like a local after an international relocation, to supplement my previous posts on “speaking the Queen’s English” (found under our “London Language Barriers” category). Yesterday touched on some property lingo for when you rent London apartments, and today will delve into what you’ll be storing inside that flat:

[American English = British English]

bathrobe = dressing gown
knickers = plus-fours
overalls = dungarees
pants/slacks = trousers
shorts = briefs
underwear = pants
sweater = jumper
undershirt = vest
vest = waistcoat

parka = anorak
raincoat = mackintosh
windbreaker = windcheater

pump (as in high-heels) = court shoe
tennis shoes/sneakers = trainers/gym shoes

barrette = hairslide
garters/garter belt = suspenders/suspender belt
purse = handbag
rhinestone = diamonté
suspenders = braces

clothes pin = clothes peg
collar button = collar stud
collar stay = collar stiffener
cuffs (as in at the bottom of trousers) = turn-ups
custom made = bespoke
snaps = press studs
tag = label
thread = cotton

Our Relocation agents will help you find sufficient closet space for all those clothes when you enlist their relocation services for the grand flat-hunt. For some vocabulary that will relate more to the wee ones that are perhaps moving here and into that apartment rental with you, be sure to check out my post tomorrow!

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