Making an international relocation to London from the US has enough challenges; one that many Americans don’t anticipate, though, is having to learn another language—they take it for granted that the UK is English-speaking. While you’ll get along just fine (really! Don’t worry!), it’s worthwhile to brush up on your British English knowledge so it shows that you’re at least trying. 🙂 I’ve written posts before about how to “speak the Queen’s English” (category: “London Language Barriers”), and I’m dedicating all this week and part of next to more of these British English terms. Yesterday we focused on clothing, and today we’ll cover some useful terms if you’re moving to London with a family:

[American English = British English]

crib = cot
baby carriage = pram (short for ‘perambulator’)
diaper = nappy
pacifier = dummy
stroller = pushchair

candy = sweets
candy store = sweet shop/confectioner
cookie = biscuit (the sweet kind)
cotton candy = cotton floss
popsicle = iced lolly

jump rope =  skipping rope
paddle (as in ping-pong) = bat
roller coaster = big dipper
sled = sledge
slingshot = catapult
soccer = football
tic-tac-toe = noughts and crosses

grade = class/form
grade school/elementary school = primary school
middle school + high school = secondary school
preschool – kindergarten = nursery (age 3) – reception (age 4) – Year 1 (age 5)
principal = headmaster/mistress
private school = public school
public school = state school
recess (as at school) = break
semester = term (3 per year versus 2)
9th grade/freshman (age 14) = Year 10
10th grade/sophomore (age 15) = Year 11
11th grade/junior (age 16) = Year 12/Lower Sixth Form
12th grade/senior (age 17) = Year 13/Upper Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13 also called ‘A Levels’)

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