If you’re relocating to London, you’ll find that it’s a massive city to navigate, and one of the fun challenges of it is trying to acquaint yourself with as many of its dynamic streets as possible. In my previous post, I just started a series on some of the delightful side streets in London not far at all from the more trafficked ones you’re likely to hit first. As west London is a popular destination for tourists and North American expats in London alike, I’ve started with the London shopping mecca of Oxford and Regent streets. Last time, I mentioned the street network to the east of Regent Street, so now let’s skip on over to the west of it. A popular night-spot for drinks and dinner here is Heddon Street, so keep a careful eye out for this little alley between the shops along the main Regent Street thoroughfare—The Living Room, Ice Bar, and Strawberry Moons draw the dressy after-work crowd, and there’s some good casual Italian fare to be had in this little pocket as well. Running parallel to Heddon Street right to the west is Savile Row, famous for its high-end tailoring; it also used to be the location of The Beatles’ Apple studio.

Wandering even a little further west of that brings you to the Burlington Arcade, one of the world’s first shopping malls that has rather bizarre origins…(perhaps I’ll write a post just on that next week). In any case, another particular pocket I’ve become acquainted with that I find far more appealing than Oxford Street itself is if you walk east of Regent Street on Oxford and hang a left at Great Titchfield Street. You’ll ultimately stumble on a cute little nook of shops and restaurants (granted, predominantly chain ones, but good ones)—my personal favorite there is Pho, which serves Vietnamese cuisine and delicious weasel poop coffee (you heard me). Berners Street just a couple streets down from there is also a nice row of restaurants—try Stef’s if you like Italian. Alternatively, if you walk west of Regent Street on Oxford, escape the mania near Bond Street by ducking north of Oxford Street into St. Christopher Place, a super cute and cozy nest of restaurants and bars where you’ll still encounter plenty of pedestrians but can avoid the street traffic. Rest assured, as we enter the holiday season, Oxford and Regent Street are going to become increasingly insane with Christmas shoppers. Definitely do check them out for their spectacular Christmas light displays, but try to catch a breather by ducking down an alleyway or two—they’re nothing to shy away from. If you’re interested in learning more about this particular area of London as you seek to rent a London apartment, just ask  your London Relocation agentfor more details about residences and amenities nearby.

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