Christmas can be difficult time for Americans moving to London, especially when friends and family back home in the states are expecting traditional British gifts sent to them.  There are, of course, just as many department stores and retail outlets for families to visit to complete their holiday shopping as the states offer, but, honestly, the fare will probably be about the same.  For those wanting to step off the beaten path, discover traditional British crafts and trinkets, and support local artisans and crafts people, a day visiting the Duckie Christmas Market is a perfect place to begin.

Located inside the Barbican the Duckie Christmas Market is a showcase for local holiday gifts.  Families are invited to shop at the market from December 10 through December 30 for gifts for everyone on the list.  Available to purchase are one-of-a-kind artisan handmade gifts, artwork, crafts, retro toys and home items, homemade pastries and desserts, and even jewelry.  There is truly no better way for a family new to London from corporate relocation to explore local art and crafts and find traditional British handmade gifts to send back to the states.

The Barbican is Europe’s largest performing arts center and is home to the London Symphony Orchestra.  As a multi-arts arena the Barbican is a one-stop-shop for Americans moving to London in search of some cultural immersion.  While visiting the Duckie Christmas Market, those new to London through international relocation should peruse the Barbican and discover all the wonderful shows and venues offered throughout this holiday season.

London relocation agents will be glad to help their clients find the Barbican as well as give advice as to what one should expect to pay for locally made items. Relocation services often recommend that families new to the city get out as much as possible and learn about the UK’s holiday traditions and experience as many events as possible.  This helps to ease the homesickness sure to plague many American families during their first Christmas abroad.  Corporate relocation can be difficult during the holidays but a little retail therapy may just be the cure!

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