Many Americans who are planning their relocation want to know what it will be like to be living here. It’s an impossible question to answer, but there are several excellent reasons that make relocation one of the best decisions and opportunities you’ll ever make.

Seven Super Pros of Relocation to London

1.     You get to fully experience a different culture without having to struggle to learn a foreign language.

2.     London is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Over 300 languages are spoken here. It is a cultural melting pot of people from all over the world.

3.     Quality of Life. While people in the UK work every bit as hard as their US counterparts, they take their off-time seriously. No one hangs about the office after 5pm in London. Vacations are longer, and time off is sacrosanct. The pace is somewhat slower compared with major cities in the USA.

4.     You’re very unlikely to get sued. The corollary of course, is that you will find it hard to bring a nonsense suit if your coffee is too hot. Health and safety have not yet gone mad in the UK.

5.     Pubs. Once you have experienced the joys of your local watering hole, you’re going to want to stay. Pub culture is an important part of life in the UK. It is not considered an offense to visit the pub during your lunch hour or for your boss to take the entire team to the pub for a ‘meeting’. Pubs are not like “bars”. They are friendly, comfortable and very much a part of the culture.

6.     You can get to Paris for a weekend away. In fact, you can access all of Europe easily and cheaply whenever you feel like a quick jaunt to the continent. It’s one of the biggest advantages of relocation here.

7.     What you get out of your relocation will be entirely dependent on what you put into it.

Look at your relocation as an adventure. Get settled as fast as possible using a professional relocation agent, and then get out and experience life as a local. Just as soon as you have an address, you can call yourself a Londoner!

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