One of the great things about relocation to London is that you will exposed to some of the world’s greatest museums, galleries and tourist attractions in the world. While you will probably feel frantic at first after your international relocation, you need to spend some time exploring the city and discovering some of the marvels and wonders that make Britain great!

While visiting some of the major tourist sites should be well up on your acclimatization agenda, you should consider spending time at the museums that London has to offer. Your relocation  may have cost you quite a bit, and visiting the London Eye will set you back a small fortune, but there are many places to visit that are absolutely free!

The Science Museum: Take a Minute or Two

Ever wondered why the clock seems slower than normal? Sometimes a minute can stretch endlessly and at other times it seems to be over in half the time. If you have some time, then you should see the Midsummer chronophage exhibit at the Science Museum. The clock, invented by Dr John C Taylor is one of only two in the world that show the relativity of time. It’s a phenomenal exhibit and is fully interactive like most of what happens at the Science Museum.

The exhibit is running until Sunday 30 October 2011, and can be found of the first floor of the Science Museum. It is absolutely free and a great way to spend a few minutes while you are touring the museum.

Part of the experience of relocation is being able to discover all of the aspects and elements that Londoners enjoy on a daily basis. The museums and galleries are always busy and filled with real locals catching up on their culture! The culture and magnificence of the cities museums is very much a part of the city and since you’re a real Londoner now, you can enjoy everything about the city and what makes it famous.

The Science Museum is open every day of the year, except for 24 – 26 December, from 10 am to 6 pm. Entry is free, apart from the IMAX 3D and special exhibits.

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