Your relocation to London is going to be exciting, stressful and thrilling; all at the same time. The stress of moving to London, can for the most part, be alleviated by using professional international movers and even specialist London relocation agents to source accommodation for you. Once you’re settled though, you’re a part of a vibrant, fascinating city.

Staying safe is a part of big city living. If you are planning your relocation from a small town then you need to be aware of what is happening around you and employ some basic personal safety techniques when you’re out discovering your new home. For the first few weeks after your relocation to London you will be learning about so many new things, visiting some of the most famous tourist sites and settling into your new home. London is a safe city, but street crime happens everywhere in the world. When you’re trying to figure out which tube to get on and juggling a purse, camera and your London map it can be easy to get distracted, which is what petty criminals love.

Pickpockets are prevalent in some areas of London. It’s an opportunistic type of crime, so you can do a lot to prevent it. Try not to look like a tourist when you’re exploring the city after your relocation to London. This might be easier said than done, but don’t display your camera on the tube or have it casually slung around your neck on the street. The biggest “tourist” indicator, unfortunately, is the fanny pack. Don’t carry large amounts of cash in one place. Divide your cash in between your pockets and try not to carry a bag with all of your valuables in it.

You don’t have to be scared to venture out after your relocation to London. For the size of the city, London is remarkably crime free. Just be alert and aware of what is happening around you. One of the biggest deterrents of crime in the city is the presence of police officers. London has always had a campaign called “The Bobby on the Beat” which puts uniformed police officers into the community and neighborhoods across the city. London police officers are always ready to help you. They are polite, friendly and will even give you directions to where you need to go if you feel a bit lost.

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