If you’re just getting settled after your relocation to London you may be tempted to hibernate until the end of winter, but remember that will only come at the end of February or in early March. That’s a very long time to be unpacking your boxes after moving to London.

The weather is still relatively decent enough to plan some outdoor activities and if you’re just arrived, you need to make the most of your time before winter winds it’s freezing tentacles around you and all you can do is get to your job every day.

Thames River Cruises

It might sound absurd to talk about boat cruises in the middle of the city, but the River Thames is such an integral part of the fabric of London that you can’t ignore the presence of the massive body of water that divides the city. If this is your first visit to London then taking a river cruise is one of the finest ways of getting another perspective on your new home.

Bateaux London

Bateaux operates some of the most stylish and classy tour boats on the River Thames. Morning tours, afternoon tea tours and elegant dinner tours all provide a spectacular vista of the city as you cruise past some of the world’s most famous historical monuments. Treasure this time, when London is laid out before you and you are still amazed and awed by everything around you. In a couple of months you’ll be battling the sleet and may be wondering why you ever attempted an international relocation to London. Get out and enjoy the city every opportunity that you get right now.

The weekend cruises are often booked up well in advance at Bateaux, so book ahead or, if you’re still settling in and have some free time, book a mid-week Afternoon Tea cruise which covers two of Britain’s most treasured traditions. Listen to the delicate live piano and indulge in delicious treats as the London skyline gentle moves past your line of vision.

Your relocation agents can take care of finding a home for you, opening a bank account and handling the myriad of other details of your relocation to London. Your job is to experience everything that the city has to offer.

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