Finding a suitable property after your relocation is not difficult when you have a selection presented to you upon arrival by your relocation agents. Choosing a property may take a bit more time. Americans moving here are not always prepared for the differences in properties between the two countries. If you have never visited before, you may be disappointed or even horrified at some of the ‘standard’ fittings and sizes of London homes.

Big Differences in Property after your relocation– Londoners will call it home.

Size is probably the biggest difference that Americans moving notice about apartments and houses. Rooms are smaller, doorways are narrow, and stairways…well, dark, pokey and only one person at a time is the general rule, especially in older homes. You will quickly understand the reason for these seemingly Victorian house dimensions – Most of them were constructed during the Victorian era!

Built-In Closets are a myth. Don’t expect lovely built-in or walk in closet space in any local home. Londoners tend to use large wardrobes or a chest of drawers for their clothes. Bathrooms are also smaller than usual and the most common place for a shower is to have a fitting in the bath. This is why it is so important to plan your move in consultation with one of the professional relocation services agents. If you have to have built-in closet space then focus your property viewing attention to modern apartment buildings or places that have been completely renovated.

Your refrigerator will be tiny. Not just small or a single door fridge, but usually an under the counter tiny fridge with a minuscule ice box area. Space is at a premium in central London and if you’re living in a studio apartment you won’t get anything bigger in the way of kitchen appliances. In most homes the washing machine is placed in the kitchen, and if you are going to buy one when you get there, opt for a washer/dryer combo or your laundry will be permanently damp.

It’s the smallest things that can affect the success of your relocation . With a little research and planning though, you’ll know what to expect when you arrive.

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